Here are a few extracts from feedback we have received from recipient charities:


Karen cares for her mother-in-law Elsie who has Alzheimer’s disease, and struggles to find things they can do together. She saw the Feelgood Singing Group in the local paper and phoned up to ask if it would be suitable. They have now been coming together for a couple of months. Karen said having an activity that she enjoys herself but that Elsie can also enjoy is a big help – she feels she is getting some ‘me time’ as well as helping Elsie.

When looking after someone with Alzheimer’s it is easy to feel that that person is completely dependent on you. However, the singing group is very supportive and its easy to see how others in the group also take a bit of responsibility for helping Elsie with songs and actions, so Karen gets a little mental break and can relax and enjoy the group for herself.

Concerts for Older People throughout Wales

“One of our patients has recently been bereaved and critically ill herself and at times lost the will to live. At the end of the concert she whispered to me. “I wouldn’t have missed this for the world.”

“There was lots of singing and feet tapping even in quite depressed clients Others sang all the words, applauded and gave praise. The performers took time afterwards to interact with clients which was appreciated. “

“The concert was well received by all and clearly benefited the mental state of the patients for that period of time. Patients who have been extremely low were smiling and singing. A patient who is unable to concentrate and usually paces around was able to sit and watch for half an hour. Staff felt that this was an excellent experience for the client group.”

We are very grateful to the Concertina Charitable Trust for supporting our work in Wales and helping us bring live music to those that need it most To see people that are low in mood or depressed come to life and light up with energy and excitement is so important in this area of healthcare and demonstrates the unique ability of live music to help people who are very ill to feel better and enjoy life.


… thankyou for helping to get funding and organise the very moving concert that I attended this afternoon with my mother who has recently moved to Beech Haven (residential care home). I do hope it can happen again as you could see what a wonderful effect the music had on the residents and how appreciative they were. It made a real difference to their week. The violinist was charming with everyone and really lit the place up.


“A very moving afternoon that has had a long lasting effect on the residents.”

There is no doubt that the medium of music and the musicians themselves became therapeutic tools, activating communication and interaction that would otherwise never have taken place.

“MUSIC FOR LIFE” Wigmore Hall

There is a substantial evidence base asserting the value of music both for people living with dementia and for the communities in which they live. For people with dementia there are measurable gains in terms of quality of life, emotional well-being and keeping a sense of identity. Music can hugely expand opportunities for new communication and learning.

Happily the range of opportunities to make these differences is growing, often drawing on the experience and expertise of dementia specialists. The scope of activities and approaches is impressive, and includes live music activities of many types. These include music for reminiscence groups, singing, choirs music and movement, arts projects, music workshops, music therapy for individuals and groups intergenerational projects, opera and live music concerts. These are all a welcome advance in relatively short supply.


"Your grant enabled us to have a musical afternoon with Dr Jazz. Some 70 members attended and loved every minute! The Club leaders had received a Queen's Award and visited Buckingham Palace just before. This in turn meant that the Lord Lieutenant came with his wife and presented us with the certificate at the event. Again, many thanks for a wonderful boost to our activities."


"We are absolutely delighted you have been help to help support our work. Without the support of organisations such as yours we would not be able to provide such a high level of service to our older people in Southwark."
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